With the increasing rise of Social Media in everyday life, it is paramount that both new and existing businesses have a strong online presence. Our SMM (Social Media Marketing) system is a taylor-made system created to ensure the continuous and consistent application of the clients’ brand image across all social media units, all communication channels and media. Allowing the customer to adapt to the ongoing changes within markets, from stakeholders, advancing technologies, and sociocultural environments. From account set-up and creation, to daily monitoring and maintenance, Tanabi has social media experience in the UK and within global markets worldwide. Our SMM system is designed to execute the perfect solution to any client looking to strengthen their brand’s social media profile and tap into the potential of growth through these avenues.


With so many options and channels nowadays for digital marketing, we understand how important Web channels are in conveying an impactful company message. Many companies have created content that they hope will ‘go viral’ and spread as ordinary internet users share them. We can create and set up a digital online channel for any business or product, allowing the client to market to their online audience directly. We work with our customers to not only create and set up the channels but develop a custom strategy and project plan that matches their business objectives with the most appropriate marketing content available.


Search engine optimisation is the process of making suitable changes to a web page and website so the individual pages rank highly for targeted search requests from users.

Google currently have over 200 criteria that they use to rank a webpage.  Many make small contributions to the overall positioning of your website.

Two areas make a big difference key phrases and back links.