Celebrating 50 years of Excellence in 2015, Tanabi CEO and Founder Euros Jones-Evans co-teaches entrepreneurship with Dr Mathew Hughes.

Through lectures, courses taught in partnership with faculty, and a variety of other forums, Durham’s guest lecture and visiting speakers series provides invaluable real-world insight into critical entrepreneurial management issues.

On Tuesday 27th October 2015, an informative and interesting co-lecture on entrepreneurship was conducted by Durham University Business School’s (DUBS) Dr Mathew Hughes and Tanabi CEO and DUBS Entrepreneurial Fellow, Euros Jones-Evans, who followed the talk with a hands-on live business challenge workshop as part of the ‘The Entrepreneur’s Environment’ module of the School’s Masters in Management postgraduate degree programme.

Whilst Durham students benefit a great deal from hearing from leading business figures, the speakers themselves also benefit from the experience – speakers have the opportunity to hear the thoughts, reactions and ideas from an international group of highly motivated and talented individuals. This can lead to new initiatives being taken or a re-think of existing practices by the company.

“These talks can not only open your eyes to what’s going on across various sectors, but serve to ultimately support your professional development and help you build your network of contacts,” explained Jones-Evans.

“The Entrepreneurial Fellows are members of the School’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and are important to the work that we do in teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs and informing our research. The students thoroughly enjoyed the session with Mr Jones-Evans, gaining insight into what it’s like to create, run and grow a successful international business,” said Dr Hughes.